Exhibition Stands

Bobblehat design, manufacture and install custom exhibition stands.

It all starts with the brief, once we have a full understanding of the requirement and the budget is set our designers get to work.

Our multi disciplined design team will work on 3D renders and detailed floor plans.

Upon client sign off our in house joinery division will commence manufacturing.

At the same time our production team engages with our network of suppliers, sourcing all the necessary components.

Throughout the process a number of quality control checks are made to ensure that we are delivering to plan.

In the background our experienced logistics team are working on the planning of the installation process, organising the correct skill set, arranging transportation, preparing documentation, booking show services and submitting plans to the show organisers.

It's Go time!

All stand components are palletised and transported to site where our dedicated team of fitters will install to plan.

Whilst our stands are custom they are also designed with an element of modularity in mind....

Why modular?

- Components are reusable

- Great from a cost perspective!

- Walling can be re-configured to accommodate different layouts.

- Components are compact for ease of transportation and storage.

- Better for the environment!

There is a popular misconception that re using the stand means it looking the same as the last show.

There are a number of simple cosmetic changes such as colour schemes, floor coverings, graphics or lighting that can completely change the feel of the stand without the need for big investment.

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