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Challenges when opening a Retail Outlet

As with starting any type of business, shop and retail outlet owners will find that there are many different challenges to be faced when opening up a shop; from picking the right location to providing a desirable retail experience to employing the best members of staff for the business.

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Importance of Customer Experiences in Retail

It is becoming increasingly commonplace for the consumer experience in retail and in other industries and businesses to be cited as one of if not the most important factors when it comes to customers deciding whether or not to purchase a product or not and whether they consider returning to the shop, retailer or outlet to purchase more items.

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What is the Future for Retail?

In a world that is becoming increasingly immersed in the realms of all things digital, major changes are occurring across almost all industries globally. Retail is no exception to this; its definitive features are already being affected by this current boom in digital technology and behavioural changes. But what does the future hold in store for the retail industry, and what will these changes mean for the industry as a whole?

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Exhibiting... to show or not to show?

Over the years there have been many debates, points of views and opinions on whether exhibitions and trade shows are a viable option. Often the main concerns are the costs involved in exhibiting, this must be weighed up against the benefits that a well-designed, and well run stand can achieve.

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How is the UK High Street Changing?

The UK high street has witnessed significant changes in the past decade, adapting different aspects of their business models to make an environment that better keeps with the modern day wants and needs of customers and consumers.

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